Russia has successfully implemented the Blockchain platform

Russia has successfully implemented the Blockchain platform

The Russian bank has successfully established a blockchain platform for the issue and distribution of digital rights.

You can digitize goods, services, securities and other assets.

  • The main feature of the web-page is the ability to issue hybrid tokens and provide them simultaneously with various assets.
  • Each organization can issue its digital tokens.
  • Russia has expanded business opportunities and wants to attract new finance and create appropriate investment instruments for consumers.

“It was one of the largest quarantine projects. We have studied in detail the new business model and its relevance to market needs. An important detail of the service is the use of hybrid tokens, which make it easier to adapt to business and consumer needs and provide flexible solutions to attract investment. Based on the results of the pilot project, the Bank of Russia proposed to include in the draft federal law on digital financial assets the provisions necessary to implement and develop such decisions in an emerging digital asset market supported by government agencies and businesses, ”said Ivan Bank, Financial Technology Director, financial technologies. Zimin.

Developed by PJSC MMX Norilsk Nickel, the platform will be operational upon adoption and entry into force of the draft federal digital asset law.

Source: Банк России


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