Ethereum 2.0 will have to handle another testnet called Zinken

Ethereum 2.0 will have to handle another testnet called Zinken
Lead developer Ethereum reports that Spadin’s testnet did not go as expected and at the same time they want to run one more.

It seems that the development of ETH 2.0 is not going as smoothly as confirmed by the last testnet of Spadin. Danny Ryan as the main Ethereum developer stated that Spadina suffered long waits to block finality and low participation from Ethereum 2.0 clients, or parties that run nodes to validate transactions.

Danny Ryan added:

Even though we expect moderately low participation on a short-lived non-incentivized testnet, small errors in the client release process great[ly] exacerbated this problem, resulting in ~1/3 participation in the first few epochs,

In response to these issues, we’ll be hosting -at least- one more dress rehearsal — Zinken — prior to genesis.

As one of the clients of ETH 2.0, Prysmatic Labs published a document entitled “No Finality at Spadina Genesis” stated:

The new Spadina testnet suffered from a lack of finality at launch, with very few Prysm nodes participating, leading to community confusion and a bad look for this “genesis rehearsal”. There was no reason why this rehearsal could have failed, and many problems originated from operational faults.

The company sees Prysm as the main cause, which has not been properly updated to properly support Spadina, and also emphasizes the overall loss of trust for those who want to become validators of ETH 2.0.

According to the available information, the Zinken testnet should be launched within a week and a half.

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