Explosion in crypto markets continues, ETH reached $ 400, Bitcoin $ 12,000

Explosion in crypto markets continues, ETH reached $ 400, Bitcoin $ 12,000

The bulls showed their dominance, with the result that the price of ETH has reached $ 400 after two years, and together with BTC, which has reached $ 12,000, confirm the uptrend.

Recently, we have brought you a lot of positive news about the cryptocurrency Ethereum such as “Ethereum surpasses $ 300“, “Mining Ethereum really pays off” but also about the growing interest in DeFi services.

Let’s also not forget that the final testnet for ETH 2.0 starts in 2 days and the network currently is already registering 634,016 ETHs of 524,288 ETH and the conditions for initiation are therefore met. Ethereum has really strong support and a lot of positive news, which may mean continued price growth.

On the graph (binance) we can see that ethereum last time reached $ 400 in August 2018.

King of Cryptocurrencies, which today reached $ 12,000, is also achieving great results, we last exceeded this price in August last year.

Since the collapse in March, when the price reached $ 3,782 (binance), this means a 220.5% increase in price for Bitcoin in one year.

At the beginning of the year, the question arose as to how cryptocurrencies would survive the first test under the auspices of the economic crisis?

Today, we can all say with a smile that cryptocurrencies have survived and gained even more popularity.

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