Grayscale increases total crypto AUM by 85% in less than two months

Grayscale increases total crypto AUM by 85% in less than two months
A leader in digital currency investing currently is managing $ 13B in crypto assets.

Grayscale confirms its reputation for being the largest crypto investment company with information on the current value of the total AUM of $ 13.0 billion.

The company published a table on Twitter where we can see the value of individual Grayscale crypto products.

If we compare this table with the one we published less than two months ago, we can see almost twofold increase in AUM for almost all products. 

For example, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust had an AUM of $ 5,798.8M as of October 22nd, looking at the current AUM of $ 10,821.8M, is an increase of 86.6%.

An even bigger increase was recorded by product Grayscale Ethereum Trust, which had an AUM of $ 897.5M as of October 22, an increase of 99.8% compared to the current AUM of $ 1,722.5M.

As of October 22, GRAYSCALE had a total AUM of $ 7.0 billion, currently at $ 13.0 billion.

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