Kronoverse is new member of ESIC(Esports Integrity Commission) to enhance game integrity of ESPORTS

Kronoverse is new member of ESIC(Esports Integrity Commission) to enhance game integrity of ESPORTS

The Kronoverse platform today announced a new partnership with ESIC to enhance game integrity in the esports industry.

We’re excited to be a part of ESIC and its mission to be the recognized guardian of the integrity of esports,
We fully support ESIC’s work with esports’ stakeholders to keep high-level gaming safe, honest, and competitive. We’re fully committed to ESIC’s fight against corruption in any form and will be integrating ESIC’s integrity program into our platform.” said Adam Kling, CEO and founder of Kronoverse.

What will the cooperation between Kronoverse and ESIC bring?


Established in 2016, ESIC is tasked with monitoring, accountability, and investigating fraud in all forms.
The company has developed its own integrity program, where a code of ethics, conduct and anti-corruption measures is clearly defined.


The Kronoverse platform was born for solving the problems of legacy gaming and esports.
‍Using blockchain technology the Kronoverse platform can innovate the esports space by challenging the network layer of games and the future of how games are made.
All tournaments that will be organized on the Kronoverse platform will make it easier to catch cheaters, as all matches will be controlled on one network.

The Kronoverese platform uses and prefers Bitcoin SV because it is scalable and it is less likely to experience slow processes or other problems when buying or selling.

With Bitcoin SV, everything is more transparent and open, thanks to a public book where everything is recorded, and gamers with developers can control it.

We believe that this partnership will reduce corruption in the esport industry and in future increase the interest and prosperity of this community.


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