KuCoin announces the founding of KuGroup

KuCoin announces the founding of KuGroup

KuGroup consists of three members namely KuCoin Global, KuCloud and KuChain & KCS Business Group.

New Structure of KuGroup

The KuCoin management team decided that the best way to expand services and the ecosystem would be to create a large business group.

Known positions are divided as follows:

  • Michael Gan CEO of KuGroup
  • CEO of KuCoin Global – KuCoin co-founder Johnny Lyu

Michael Gan was choosen for

  • Overseeing KuCoin Global’s global strategy
  • Usability tracking of Blockchain technology with KuChain
  • Integration of enterprises with the KCS ecosystem

When I was still at Alibaba, I had worked in the AI department of Ant Financial and observed how this cutting-edge technology has been applied to various industries,

As a growing number of countries such as India, Korea, and France open its door to blockchain and crypto, the mass adoption will be inevitable and KuChain as well as its ecosystem will largely contribute to this trend.” said Michael Gan.

Johnny Lyu and his roles:

  • Responsibility for the daily activities of Kucoin, KuMEX, Pool-X
  • Enhancing and prosperity the KCS ecosystem

KuCoin has proved its value in the crypto space by offering easy-to-use, secured and efficient financial services to users internationally. Over 65 billion transaction volume has been handled so far and we will continue our journey to make KuCoin the best place to trade. Please stay tuned for more updates regarding KuCoin, KuMEX, Pool-X, KCS, and KuChain that will be announced in the next few weeks.” said Johnny Lyu

KuCoin has grown into one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in three years of operation and is currently available in 207 countries.

Source: https://www.kucoin.com/


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