The Opera browser allows you to quickly and easy buy Cryptocurrency - from today available for USA

The Opera browser allows you to quickly and easy buy Cryptocurrency - from today available for USA

For now is available to US and Scandinavian users, they users can buy crypto currencies using their debit card and Apple Play.

“Easy crypto top ups are available in Opera’s flagship Android browser, its iOS browser Opera Touch as well as in the crypto wallet available in its desktop browser.”

Opera is one of the most popular browsers, and wants to simplify cryptocurrency buying with Web 3 capabilities and crypto wallet across.

The Norwegian company(founders of the Opera) – already in 2018 paid attention to crypto and Blockchain technologies. Opera for android already supported Blockchain with a built-in crypto wallet and Dapp explorer.

Later Opera added a built-in crypto wallet, to its desktop browser also to its iOS browser, Opera Touch.

Countries such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark were the first countries to use light crypto shopping, and today we are seeing expansion into the US.

  • For USA expansion, Opera decided to partner with Wyre – a US cryptocurrency-brokerage firm to enable easy and secure crypto-purchases directly from the browser’s crypto wallet.

Charles Hamel, Head of Crypto at Opera browsers said:
Allowing our users to easily load cryptocurrency into their browser’s digital wallet is very powerful, as it connects the Web to a global internet-native payment network.

You can recharge your account in less than 30 seconds by interacting with Apple Pay. VIDEO 

In the past, obtaining cryptocurrencies was a cumbersome process that took hours or even days. When you compare it with this seamless solution, which takes less than 30 seconds, it really is a gamechanger,” said Charles

“Opera is the most forward-thinking browser platform – known for its privacy and security. Combining Web3 with Wyre fiat onramps will open up powerful financial use cases for its 360 million users worldwide. Our team is stoked to be building alongside Opera,” said Jack Jia of Wyre.

Opera want to introduce fast and easy cryptocurrency buying very soon also in other countries.

If you live in one of the states that has full support, you can try it out in Opera for Android or Opera Touch, download it from Google Play or Apple App Store.


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