Lichtenstein Leads in Crypto Tax Clarity

In PwC’s ranking of tax comprehensiveness, Lichtenstein takes the lead, followed by Australia and Malta.

Lichtenstein Leads in Crypto Tax Clarity

PwC, global crypto services, have come up with a ranking based on which country’s cryptocurrency tax regulations are most comprehensible for their citizens.

The overall score was compiled from nineteen criteria on tax regulation comprehensiveness. Lichtenstein takes the lead with an overall score of 0.8, followed by Australia and Malta sharing second place with a score of 0.7.

A surprising addition to the top five was Germany, with the final index score above 0.6, jumping sixteen positions from last year, thanks to the country’s new bill concerning income tax from digital assets. Singapore closes the top five, with a score similar to Germany.

This is a fast-moving sector and there are important areas with gaps in guidance issued,” says Peter Brewin, a PwC Hong Kong tax partner.In particular, guidance is lacking for common DeFi transactions, NFTs and how to even start assessing the taxation of Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs).

Other notable positions in the ranking included the UK landing in 11th, the USA at 14th, and Japan at 15th.

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