Coinbase Predicts a Billion Crypto Users by 2026

The president of Coinbase sees a likely increase in crypto users within the next five years.

Coinbase Predicts a Billion Crypto Users by 2026

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Emilie Choi, the Coinbase president and COO, has predicted the number of crypto users to hit its first billion within the next five years.

The statement came upon being asked about the likelihood of mass crypto adoption, to which she replied:

I absolutely think we’ve hit mainstream adoption. So I think that the latest figures are like 12% of Americans use crypto. I think that globally we’re at 200 million users. And if you look and track the adoption of the Internet we’re actually on pace or accelerating what the early Internet was on the crypto front.

She bases her predictions on the fact that crypto provides a wide range of usability across the globe, but also stresses the importance of adopting comprehensive regulations that will provide much-needed clarity and legal certainty in the future.

Throughout the past year, the crypto industry seems to have been skyrocketing, and several experts have voiced their opinions on how it will continue booming. Cathie Wood has even predicted Bitcoin to hit $500,000 in the upcoming years.

Thus, Emilie Choi joins the group of investors who see positive crypto development in the near future.

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