Nasdaq improves its platform in cooperation with R3 - an enterprise Blockchain software firm

Nasdaq improves its platform in cooperation with R3 - an enterprise Blockchain software firm

The Nasdaq US Stock Exchange, today entered into a long-term collaboration agreement with enterprise software firm, R3. In this way, Nasdaq can improve and strengthen its platform to create new institutional-level assets. To address the entire asset cycle within new and existing market infrastructure operators, it will use Corda Enterprise – an open-source blockchain platform.

Benefits such as scalability, low latency, and the encrypted environment that Corda offers can optimize business cases so that they are reliable and accessible for institutional controls. All of this will help Nasdaq be even more transparent and comply with all capital market laws and regulations.

Cathy Minter, Chief Revenue Officer, R3 said: “Financial institutions are becoming increasingly aware of the huge potential for servicing the needs of digital assets. We can help them accommodate these assets with solutions that are designed for more secure, reliable and regulated environments. Together with Nasdaq we will provide a world-class platform on which digital asset markets can be built, helping to rapidly accelerate the growth of these markets and others around the globe.

Johan Toll, Head of Digital Assets, Market Technology at Nasdaq said: “This collaboration between Nasdaq and R3 is another important milestone in Nasdaq’s continuous development of technologies that support the creation and growth of dynamic, trusted digital asset marketplaces. R3’s Corda platform will fit well into Nasdaq’s technology ecosystem and partnership strategy and allow us to harness the power of scalable design and a new level of interoperability.

Source: R3


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