NEO celebrates four years of the MainNet launch and publishes highlights

NEO celebrates four years of the MainNet launch and publishes highlights
Neo, an open network for the smart economy, commemorates the four-year anniversary of the launch of the mainnet, as well as development successes.

Neo is celebrating four years, so they have prepared a slightly more special monthly report for us in which we learn not only the October highlights but also the project milestones.

October was exceptional for Neo in several areas, namely:

  • Flamingo

Launched Swap, the first AMM on Neo, allowing users to provide liquidity and stake LP tokens  in order to continue earning rewards. Currently, the total value of asset liquidity in Swap is expected to be around $ 200M.

  • COZ

Neo completed the Dora API for Neo3 and rolled out back-end improvements to enhance scalability, and released Boa v0.5 with try-finally support and integration with the native Neo3 Test Engine.

  • NEO Tracker

It boasts the release of an alpha version of NEO•ONE v3.0 to NPM, updating the Node to successfully sync with the Neo3 Preview3 TestNet and adding the C# VM to ensure consistency with other nodes.

  • AxLabs

Rolled out debugging capabilities for Java smart contracts, support for non-fungible token contract interaction, and BIP-32 key derivation for hierarchical deterministic wallets.

  • NEXT

Within NEXT, support for Neo3 TestNet was integrated into NeoLine mobile, and the development of a new version of the wallet to provide network data services was started.

  • Neo SPCC

Published various components including NeoFS sidechain smart contracts, CLI, and storage nodes for public use, and began preparing to deploy the CDN ready for the Neo3 Preview4 TestNet.

  • Red4Sec

Discovery of one critical vulnerability and some other issues of Neo3 Preview3, which have been reported or fixed. The upcoming Preview4 release is currently being audited.

  • NEL

NELScan was updated with further Neo3 compatibility, including contract details and manifest information on the TestNet contract list page and adding log/notify info to transaction pages.

Neo also brings the project milestones closer, and we choose the most interesting ones.

Neo wants to integrate as much as possible with DeFi with Flamingo, so they started implementing a new USDT strategy in Flamincome for yield optimization.

Another milestone is the smart contract compiler. Neo represents Boa by COZ and neow3j by AxLabs.

COZ was released in October in version 0.5.0 for Python. It should have significant improvements within the CICD Framework, including integration with the native Neo3 Test Engine.

The neow3j compiler has been updated to version 3.4.0 and has received several improvements. The main ones relate mainly to the area of ​​error reporting and byte array initialization, alongside refactoring to make the tool more modular and maintainable.

The last interesting milestone is the area of ​​smart contract & dApp framework

By releasing Neo v3.0.0-preview3.1, the compatibility of Neo3 for the NEO • ONE framework has been improved several times.

Neo has published a really extensive report for their fans, which is a clear proof that the company has come a long way in four years and is bringing more and more important and innovative  elements to its ecosystem.

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