Neo becomes a member of the InterWork Alliance (IWA), along with Microsoft, IBM, Nasdaq

Neo becomes a member of the InterWork Alliance (IWA), along with Microsoft, IBM, Nasdaq

Neo Global Development is advancing and is one of four blockchain companies that are part of the InterWork Alliance. The co-founder of NEO Da Hongfei informed on his twitter.

Da Hongfei is long time focused on one goal and that is the “Next Generation Internet” and through this collaboration he believes this vision will become a reality.

According to information provided by Forbes, IWA has officially launched this Tuesday and presents itself as a non-profit organization that focuses on creating the standard frameworks needed to increase innovation in the token ecosystem.

The alliance already has 36 members and among them are the most successful technology companies like IBM, Microsoft, as well banking, exchange and Blockchain companies such as ING, Nasdaq, Neo Global Development.

Blockchain companies that have joined the alliance are Digital Asset, Neo Global Development, Hedera Hashgraph and R3.

Representatives of the IWA commented as follows:

Companies want to be able to create token-based business models without having a platform technology in mind. For this approach to work, standards are urgently needed around defining what a token is and how its contractual behaviors will work,said InterWork Alliance President Ron Resnick.

The InterWork Alliance Chairman, Marley Gray, the Principal Architect for Microsoft, noted in his blog post, “The modern concept of tokenized value is not new – it first came from the blockchain space and is (unfortunately) very often thought of in terms of cryptocurrency due to the early Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain networks. But it was pretty clear to us that there’s no need to tie tokens to blockchains, and that blockchain is really just the first step in what is a much larger, more ambitious approach to looking at how organizations work together.

About IWA
IWA is an association of private sector organizations (large and small, technology providers and technology consumers), governments, academics, and civil society at large that share the vision of a world of collaboration built on the digital interchange of tokenized items of value.

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