QTUM team announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

QTUM team announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A decentralized and open-source smart contracts platform QTUM announced ground-breaking partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to a press release this partnership will allow AWS users to develop and launch smart contracts “quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively” using an Amazon Machine Image (AMI). QTUM protocol combines Bitcoin UTXO, Smart Stake Protocol based on POS 3.0 and forked Ethereum EVM.

Simon Wang, head of territory business development at AWS China:

“Qtum are now an AWS technology partner and one of the partner network members.”

Qtum Foundation’s CIO, Miguel Palencia:

“Qtum’s launch on the AWS marketplace provides an easy-to-use and powerful cloud-based solution for end users and enterprise. Anyone who wants to develop and build dapps on the Qtum platform or use it as a staking node will benefit from this.”


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