RippleNet saw a 10x year-on-year increase in transactions of Southeast Asia

RippleNet saw a 10x year-on-year increase in transactions of Southeast Asia
  • Ripple welcomes the new CEO for Southeast Asia and records a 10x YOY increase in transactions of this region.

We have only recently informed you that Ripple has been hurt only by the US as company activities continue to grow in  Asia and today we have other facts confirming this situation.

Ripple announced today the welcome of a new CEO for Southeast Asia, a former Partner and Chairman at Goldman Sachs, Chief Business Officer at Uber, Brooks Entwistle.

The adoption of RippleNet among the region’s many fintechs, payments service providers and SMEs makes Southeast Asia our biggest market for both customer demand and transaction growth.

We’re excited to welcome Brooks to lead the charge as Ripple doubles down on efforts to further our phenomenal growth in the region.


Thanks to this report, we also learned that Southeast Asia transactions grew by 10x in 2020 and this region has become the fastest growing on RippleNet.

The main clients include, for example, the Thai Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), which completed over half a million transactions on RippleNet in 2020.

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