The Ghost exchange by John McAfee is now live

The Ghost exchange by John McAfee is now live

The Ghost distributed exchange is officially launched, informs John McAfee on his twitter.

As we mentioned to you in a recent article, John McAfee focused on maximum privacy and created the Ghost project. This project sticks to the idea of “PRIVACY IS A HUMAN RIGHT” and comes with several services.

Project consists of privacy coin (PoS), exchange and cell phone data service

Official Ghost Main Net starts in less than 13 hours, but the GhostX exchange is already live and you can try it out.

The site states that it is a Fastest cross-chain exchange powered by Atomic Swap and Ghost X, and all transactions are carried out without centralized intermediaries.

The exchange currently supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Switch, Dai Stable Coin, Tether and Ghost Coin itself.

Other milestones will include the mentioned Ghost cell phone data service, already in September this year.

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