IOTA joins ENSURESEC, an EU-funded innovation project

IOTA joins ENSURESEC, an EU-funded innovation project

IOTA announces on its official blog the new membership in the ENSURESEC consortium.

ENSURESEC Consortium

ENSURESEC is a European project focused on innovation with the support of the European Commission and is awarded to a consortium of 22 different partners, including IOTA.

The consortium received the necessary EU funding in January this year, and the first virtual meeting took place earlier this month.

For a period of two years, ENSURESEC will use the EU budget of € 7.7 million, which covers 83% of the total estimated cost (9.3 million).

  • On a technical level, ENSURESEC develops a platform of security tools as a service able to integrate with the existing complex infrastructure of the companies which are part of the e-commerce ecosystem and to protect them against possible physical and cyber-physical attacks.

IOTA and its role

The IOTA Foundation is tasked with providing technology (the IOTA Tangle) and expertise to build an immutable decentralized audit trail infrastructure. IOTA will thus use the public budget of € 450,000 and develop several interfaces to IOTA Streams that will make it easier to generate and share the log information required from different systems and assets.

ENSURESEC will then use IOTA identities to guarantee the authenticity of the information and connected physical assets. The components that are developed are interconnected with the IOTA Tangle for data retrieval and verification.

The IOTA Foundation is very proud to be part of the ENSURESEC project and consortium, and excited to be able to learn from these real-world technology deployments and to derive lessons learned on how to deploy a secure DLT infrastructure, with proper security governance across multiple stakeholders, and best practices for endpoints security of the different integrated systems.

IOTA WRITES on Official Foundation blog

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