The season of Altcoins is in full swing, which is confirmed by 15 new ATHs

Traders no longer focus only on Bitcoin, as evidenced by the new ATHs in many of the altcoins.

The season of Altcoins is in full swing, which is confirmed by 15 new ATHs

The situation on the crypto market is still more than favorable, but this time a little more for altcoins than for the acclaimed Bitcoin.

Many traders know over the years how the cryptocurrency market is developing, but for those who do not know one unwritten rule is that Bitcoin grows first and then altcoins. Most of the time when Bitcoin grows, altcoins lose their value prior to the growth of Bitcoin and then tends to catch up to the growth spurt. Nevertheless the Altcoin market is still exciting and lucrative.

A good proof of this is the current situation where BTC is relatively stable, which is suitable for altcoins, which are beginning to come to life in these times.

For a better understanding, analysts from CryptoDiffer have prepared a graph in which you can see a total of up to 15 altcoins that have only recently reached the new ATH.


There are many well-known names in the graph, such as ETH, XMR, LTC or ADA, but also lesser-known projects, but however all of them are connected by one event, namely the historically highest measured value of a specific cryptocurrency.

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