The USA believes in the future of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, proves a recent survey

The USA believes in the future of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, proves a recent survey

According to a large survey from Paxful, almost 50% of respondents believe that the current precarious situation can lead people to Bitcoins and consider it a safe haven.

The survey also brought other interesting results. When asked who will be the market leader in the cryptocurrency movement in 2020, the following results were found:
The Americans are convinced of their sovereignty and gained (64%) followed by the United Kingdom with (39.80%) and the third place was taken by Southeast Asia with (32.20%).

Regarding the use of bitcoin in the future, (69.20%) of the surveyed thinks, they will be used for mainstream and real life payments, the second majority rather see it as a tool against corruption and inflation (50.40%) with (30.60%) they replied impartially.

The results confirm the importance of Blockchain technology and most of the respondents think that it could potentially affect all spheres of life.

Blockchain is clearly the favorite, (56.60%) of participants voted for the answer “Blockchain could potentially affect any agreement, task, process, or payment, touching the worlds of digital identity, data management, audit trails, contracts, automated governance and more “. The second answer that clearly favors this technology “I think Blockchain is going to transform the world” was in close proximity with (56.40%), in third place ended the answer that thinks that is hype around Blockchain and gained (39.80%).

The online survey was attended by 500 men and women, in the US aged 18-55 who have an understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

See the complete survey here


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