Today's statements of well-known Crypto Celebrities, on the market collapse

Today's statements of well-known Crypto Celebrities, on the market collapse

Today crash shaken several experienced traders but also cryptocurrency representatives, let’s look at a few statements they wrote today on their twitter.

Roger Ver

  • World’s first Investor in Bitcoin startups including,,, BitPay, Kraken,

“The endgame for #Bitcoin “hodlers” is selling their coins at a higher price for more fiat.

The endgame for #BitcoinCash users is to replace the entire financial system so that fiat is irrelevant.”

Jameson Lopp

  • Cypherpunk · Co-founder & CTO , CasaHODL, creator of,,

“It’s illogical to sell your bitcoin because of a deadly crisis; you can’t take your fiat with you!”

Erik Voorhees

  • CEO of ShapeShift

“Bitcoin still up 50% YoY. Probably the only asset in the world.”

Bitcoin Macro

  • Position Trader – Switzerland

“Why is everything going down, including $BTC, $Gold and $Bonds? I’m hearing major financial players are getting margin called. They’re selling whatever they can to come up with cash. This explains why assets that should go up in value during a crisis are currently going down.”

Jacob Canfield

  • Top Ranked Analyst featured on Forbes and CNBC

“$5500 level was tagged. Let the market settle before making any decisions here as the volatility will still remain high.”

“This is not a time for jokes. We are staring in the face of tough times ahead. I pray for all of us to get through this together. Prepare wisely. Be safe. Folded hands”

Jimmy Song

  • Bitcoin Educator, Developer and Entrepreneur.

“Looks like a giant liquidity crunch. Monetary contraction is happening and more is on the way. Central banks will try as hard as they can to expand money to combat this.”

Check out also today’s article, BTC price today Falls quickly, in March losing 40% .


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