BTC price today Falls rapidly, in March losing 40%

BTC price today Falls rapidly, in March losing 40%

Today before 12:00 CET, bitcoin experienced bloody crash.

Just today he lost 30% (Coinbase) when he collapsed from a today maximum of $ 7987 to a minimum of $ 5578 so far.
Within the month of March, when the BTC had the highest value of $ 9174, that is 39.19%, which is almost 40%.
Current situation on cryptocurrencies (coin360)

We are currently experiencing difficult times and the world economy is in trouble.
A pandemic called coronavirus affects all sectors, let’s see, for example, what other markets look like and what losses companies have suffered.

Travel Companies(1D CHANGE, etoro)

Known companies(1D CHANGE, etoro)

The current situation forces investors to think where to invest and transfer their own funds.
Before any investment, we recommend that you carefully follow the world events and circumstances regarding coronavirus that affects the world economy.


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