Travala works with VeChain and integrates VET as the payment option

Travala works with VeChain and integrates VET as the payment option

Crypto Travel Agency integrates cryptocurrency VET as the payment option, and expanding partnerships with VeChain, informs PR.

We only recently informed you that “Crypto Travel Agency Adds 1,000,000+ Holiday Homes in 195 Countries” and today we have a report on a new partnership with VeChain. One of Travala’s goals is to help in the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies, and the expansion of the payment portfolio with additional cryptocurrencies can significantly help.

Sunny Lu, the co-founder and CEO at VeChain, said:

Positioned as the ecosystem enabler, VeChain has been on the path for accumulating real-world applications and client base, and we’re always on the lookout for partnerships amongst a diverse list of industries to widen the adoption of blockchain. We’re pleased to partner with to bring users an enhanced travel experience through the utilisation of blockchain technology.

Travala is currently experiencing a sharp increase in demand and therefore has to constantly work on the development of new products.

Juan Otero, CEO at, said:

At, we are dedicated to expanding valuable options for our users. Through this partnership, we hope to continue to push the growth of cryptocurrency adoption by enabling our user’s access to VeChain’s reputable ecosystem and fast, user-friendly payment execution.

Travala currently offers more than 2 million accommodation options in over 80,000 destinations across the world.

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