VeChain assures that COVID-19 will not endanger them

VeChain assures that COVID-19 will not endanger them

VeChain informs its community and supporters whether COVID-19 will affect their functioning.

VeChain Foundation writes:
Despite the adverse operating conditions, VeChain continues to build.

“VeChain is a global entity with international operations across 7 major global cities.”
The company focuses on enhancing the underlying infrastructure and providing enhancements for their important business model elements as well as the new version of VeChain ToolChain.

The basic pillar of the company is building of the future, in which it emphasizes digitalisation, efficiency, public security and the environment.

The VeChain Foundation wants to rely mainly on Blockchain, 5G, IoT, AI and other advanced technologies, and together with their business partners such as PwC and DNV GL they want to take the lead and build this digital transformation.

Company assures that as a result of the pandemic, they have not canceled any projects, and is currently working closely with each client and partner. Furthermore, VeChain argues that this situation is a reason to devote more time to internal management and to prepare for any global economic crisis, in the interest of the long-term sustainable development of the company’s ecosystem.

The VeChain Summit will only take place after the end of the global pandemic, and when it will be under full control.

VeChain is now fully focused on ToolChain.

ToolChain is a powerful enterprise tool that allows you to quickly integrate VeChainThor public blocking into existing business processes. The company claims, that this tool is a premium Blockchain data platform (BaaS).

The company also does not forget about the holders and owners of VEN tokens.

The VeChain Foundation continues to prioritize the interests of all stakeholders, including token holders. We would therefore like to inform our community that we plan to continue with the VET buyback scheme, enhancing, developing and securing the future of VeChainThor as a prominent public blockchain.” writes VeChain Foundation

In the End VeChain wrote:
We continue to wish for good health for everyone, everywhere. Spring is coming and it is a prosperous age of growth and brighter days. Regardless of the ongoing situation, VeChain continues to enhance, engage, promote and build. Our pioneering approach and development of novel blockchain applications will deliver fruit in due course. But first, we must all come together and overcome these final days of winter.

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