TRON celebrates a new record in the daily growth of accounts

TRON celebrates a new record in the daily growth of accounts

The creator of TRON Foundation, Justin Sun today published data on his twitter account, and proving a new record in the daily increase in accounts. The source is TRONSCAN service, which has all the data like online nodes, block height, transactionds up to all accounts informations.

TRON records 104,449 daily account increase, and currently is the number of total accounts 5,507,389.

We have to admit that the TRON network has grown to really big numbers, since its inception in 2017 and is becoming more popular every day. The TRON Foundation uses a cryptocurrency TRX on its blockchaine, linking the entire TRON ecosystem with a number of application scenarios that drive transactions and applications in the chain.

This year we are also witnessing a new cryptocurrency from Justin Sun Foundation called USDJ and it will be a stable coin operating on the JUST network.


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