Vladimir Potanin the Richest Russian man, soon launches his own Blockchain

Vladimir Potanin the Richest Russian man, soon launches his own Blockchain

pic.: FT

Potanin, as a long-time fan and advocate for cryptocurrencies, worked to obtain a license and approval from the central bank, and at the end of February 2020 he finally succeeded.

His interest is to create a blockchain and tokens through which people will be able to purchase the services and products of his companies and business activities.
Among the best known are the purchase of metals, ski-passes and air-tickets.

To some extent Russia appears ahead of many other jurisdictions in terms of digitalization,
The central bank gave us a very wide mandate.” said Potanin, Russia’s richest man in an interview near Moscow.

The name of the platform will be Atomyze and will not be limited to Russia.
Also planned is USA or Switzerland, as it focuses on companies that will use it, and these are in these countries.

The timeframe is not yet known, but the estimate is the end of the year when the new Russian Digital Assets Act enters into force.

Meanwhile, we know about the project as how the tokens will be metal-covered and can be exchanged for physical deliveries.
Users will be able to use their chips to purchase Nordstar air-tickets or to ski-passes at Rosa Khutor in Sochi.

All companies that supply Norilsk Nickel materials can use this platform for instant access to cash.

It will use Russian lender Sberbank to process individuals’ money transactions.
Our project is of great importance for the economy because the easier new products are offered, the faster they are produced,” Potanin said for moscowtimes.


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