Zecwallet soon in the Android and iOS app stores

Zecwallet soon in the Android and iOS app stores

As Zecwallet stated(A z-Address first UI wallet and full node for Zcash) on their twitter, they have recently submitted an official proposal to create an Android and iOS Lite wallet with full z-address and memo support.

Zecwallet also writes on its website that one of the reasons is the fact that the wallet is very popular and the aim of the project is to transfer the application from desktop computers to smartphones that use Android and iOS operating systems.

The new wallet will use much of the code from the lite wallet used for desktops and will have full support for Sapling and Transparent addresses, full support for Memos, history of TX, address book and other features that are accessible to PCs.

The frontend will be built in React Native, reusing as much of the desktop frontend code (which is in React / Javascript) as possible. While most of the business logic and RPC connection code can be reused, the UI elements themselves differ between React desktop and React native, which will have to be re-written.

Development of new applications will take 4.5 weeks and the total cost of the project will be $ 33,000.

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