Zoom Video Inc. is accused of concealing the truth about the shortcomings in the app's encryption

Zoom Video Inc. is accused of concealing the truth about the shortcomings in the app's encryption

The complaint was filed yesterday at the Federal Court in San Francisco, and concerns Zoom Video Communications Inc. and its top representatives.

The accusation consists of that they obscure the truth of the application’s software encryption flaws and as a result is allegedly vulnerable to hacker attacks.
Unauthorized disclosure of personal information to third parties, including Facebook Inc., is also mentioned.

The hackers even managed to create a phenomenon called “Zoombombing”, it was about gaining access to videoconferences and then harassing the participants. Several meeting records have also been posted on Internet sites.

Another serious problem was the routing of data through servers in China, as confirmed by a report from Citizen Lab last week. This routing was mainly problem for Taiwan, for which sensitive data leaks in China are a risk for the whole country.

The application gained great popularity during the Coronavirus pandemic, especially in those countries where was introduced lockdown and work from home.

Large companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Tesla Inc. are responding to the app issues and prohibited their use. Also joined state institutions such as the Department of Education in New York or the Taiwanese Government, which became one of the first.

The rapid uptake of teleconference platforms such as Zoom, without proper vetting, potentially puts trade secrets, state secrets, and human rights defenders at risk,” researchers at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab wrote.

Source: Bloomberg


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