A subsidiary of the third largest Russian bank has obtained permission to offer cryptocurrencies

A subsidiary of the third largest Russian bank has obtained permission to offer cryptocurrencies
Gazprombank (Switzerland) Ltd. can now provide cryptocurrency bank accounts.

Gazprombank, a private-owned Russian bank acquired for its subsidiary Gazprombank (Switzerland) Ltd. permission from FINMA to sell and buy cryptocurrencies.

A Swiss registered bank, with headquarters based in Zurich, recently reported on this in its PR. In addition to traditional banking products and services, the bank will offer its customers secure cryptocurrency storage as well as crypto / fiat trading. Within the strict regulatory framework, the bank will initially provide these services to a limited number of selected clients.

We expect digital assets to become increasingly important in the global economy and, in particular, for our current and potential clientele. Being committed to continuous financial innovation, we strive to offer our clients advanced banking services at the highest level of quality. Our blockchain solution provides uncompromising security as well as ease of use. We are very pleased to be able to offer these services to our clients after years of professional development using top industry know-how. The authorization by the Swiss regulator FINMA marks a very important milestone for Gazprombank.

CEO Roman Abdulin

The new crypto service will initially offer the purchase and sale of the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, with the goal of soon expanding its offer with additional cryptocurrencies, products and services.

Gazprombank is delighted to be able to contribute to the growth of Swiss, global crypto and blockchain ecosystem. As a FINMA regulated financial institution, we are confident that we can add value by providing an increased level of trust to participants, both in terms of institutional-grade custody as well as between transactional partners. Our goal is to set a new benchmark in institutional client service.

CEO Roman Abdulin 

Gazprombank clients who are interested in cryptocurrencies, can from now on use this new crypto service, which will provide them with access to liquid assets and at the same time a cryptocurrency storage in a safe place.

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