Beta version of the Blockchain documents validator is online

Beta version of the Blockchain documents validator is online

Dutch software announces the launch of DOKKZ B.V. – an application that allows users to create trusted digital documents.

DOKKZ will now replace classic stationery and watermarks with Blockchain technology, which guarantees the authenticity of documents. This allows anyone to create trusted digital documents and verifying their originality.

The whole project was created like protest against the cumbersome verification of documents and widespread forgery around the world.

Dokkz stated:

As a result, in a world in which we increasingly work remotely and virtually, we become increasingly vulnerable to many types of fraud and dishonesty.

Using the DOKKZ platform, users log in to their dashboard to register documents, where a checksum is extracted in the browser, ensuring that the contents of the document(s) remain private while extracting identifying metadata.

Creators can also add additional information to clarify the purpose of the document, and then the metadata is recorded to the Bitcoin SV blockchain to create an immutable record of the registration.

Try it here

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