NEM is launching a new community platform with benefits

NEM is launching a new community platform with benefits

Cryptocurrency NEM, which is among the TOP30 most popular, comes with a community platform called “NEM HUB“.

The new community platform is built on DAO Maker software as well as Elrond, LTO, Harmony, Ferrum, or Orion Protocol. The advantage of the platform is that members can regularly update contributions to present what they have done for the entire NEM ecosystem. Once published, all interested parties can verify the article, video or other contribution was of value to the ecosystem.

NEM also does not forget about motivation, and each month, based on several aspects, redistributes at least $ 10,000 in XEM tokens to all participants. The only condition for receiving a reward is to keep at least 4,000 XEM in the account.

If you are the owner of NEM and you want to join to community, click here

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