Bitmain comes up with AntRack, a new rack-style mining equipment

Bitmain comes up with AntRack, a new rack-style mining equipment
The most popular seller of crypto mining machines is coming these days with a revolutionary novelty.

Bitmain is expanding its portfolio of crypto machines and introduces a new rack-style mining equipment called AntRack. From now on, you get a machine that introduces a hot-swappable modularized configuration. You can upgrade it without a need for shutdown, and the rack design is sure to appeal to customers of large-scale operations.

Our design is driven by a problem-solving mindset. It has come to our attention that many of our customers are challenged when trying to expand their operations. The cost of equipment upgrade – not only the investment in new machines, but also the time consumption when turning down the old machines to switch with new ones. AntRack is our solution to that problem. Featuring a hot-swappable modularized design, AntRack can be conveniently and efficiently applied on large-scale deployment, while maintaining an effective management of budget in operation.

Sun MingHui, AntRack Project R&D Director

Bitmain draws attention to 3 important features:

1. Easy to Deploy and Expand

AntRack adopts a module design, including five key modules – 1 Rack, 1 Switch Board, 4 Servers, 1 Main Control Panel, and 1 Water Cooling System, and the crucial parts – hash board, control panel, power supply unit (PSU), and fans.

All are hot-swappable, thus better optimizing operations, reducing the risk of machine depreciation and maximizing the effective mining time.

 2. Suitable for Large-Scale Operations

AntRack is built to be implemented on the large crypto mining farms and Internet data centers. Bitmain also provides all-in-one data centers solution called ANTBOX, which includes 10 AntRack miners.

Thanks to the configurations of the 3-phase AC power supply , network port and water-cooling system, this device is ready for mining at almost any location.

3. Easy to Upgrade and Reliable

The last key feature is the reliability and easy innovation of Antrack. It is a hot-swappable design, and for example, you can easily replace the hash board with chipsets of the latest generation, which will always increase the overall computing power with the same power consumption. The last advantage is the fact that each server of AntRack has PSUs which provide 3 + 1 redundant operations to ensure that mining is never interrupted.

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