Riot Blockchain ordered 8,000 S19 Pro Antminers from Bitmain for $ 17.7 million

Riot Blockchain ordered 8,000 S19 Pro Antminers from Bitmain for $ 17.7 million

Riot Blockchain is once again strengthening its arsenal with the purchase of 8,000 S19 Pro Antminers from Bitmain for $ 17.7 million, with expected delivery January 2021.

Just recently we wrote about “Riot Blockchain will enrich its arsenal with 3,040 Pro Miners from Bitmain” and today we have another report on an even bigger purchase. Riot seems to want to become an unrivaled company in cryptocurrency mining along with Bitmain’s arsenal.

The original plan of the company for 2021 was to exceed 1 EH / s, but everything changes, because after the delivery of the newest order, the result will be up to 1.45 EH / s

Remo Mancini, Independent Chairman of Riot Blockchain said:

This substantial order of 8,000 next-generation miners is a milestone for the Company, demonstrating that the second phase of Riot’s strategic transformation is well underway,

We have previously announced our goal to become one of the largest bitcoin miners in North America and this purchase represents a significant step in achieving that goal. With our current miner deployment schedule, we anticipate that based upon current factors, Riot would achieve positive cash flow in late 2020.

Bitmain set the delivery schedule at 2,000 units per month from the beginning of January 2021, which would mean that the Riot Blockchain should have 15,040 Miners deployed in April.

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