Crypto Cards are popular, Visa supports Startup Fold and Ternio introduces its own Rewards Program

Crypto Cards are popular, Visa supports Startup Fold and Ternio introduces its own Rewards Program

Over the past days, we have two Big News from companies that bring Crypto cards and Crypto-reward programs.

The first announced was the involvement of the largest VISA credit/debit card company in the Fold startup, which offers cardholders the opportunity to receive rewards in cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin.

The company claims that up to 10% of purchases made with a Fold and Visa debit card will be credited back to the owners, especially in Bitcoin, said Fold Chief Executive Officer Will Reeves.

People are not interested in spending Bitcoin right now, but are interested in accumulating it,

If people don’t understand Bitcoin as money yet, they certainly will understand it as a better reward.” Reeves said in an interview.

We learned about the cooperation between Visa and Fold last Thursday in a statement from companies, Reeves also said that the cards will be issued in July, but banks that will support this project are still unknown.

Visa said that the partnership with Fold is also part of their Fast Track program, which focuses on FinTech companies and subsequent cooperation.

The second announcement came today from Fintech company Ternio , which presents the Crypto rewards program on their BlockCard.

Starting today, BlockCard users have the right to receive up to 6.38% of all purchases back in cryptocurrencies as a reward.

Unlike similar reward schemes where they deliberately limit the cardholder’s earning potential or create limits, the BlockCard will not be limited of the amount of purchases, and regardless of whether you buy for $ 100 or $ 100,000 you will receive the same reward.

Rewards can be applied to more than 53 million merchants worldwide. You can redeem your rewards in all stores without any restrictions.

The company says it wants to be in all directions and Gas, groceries, mobile phone bills, and more all qualify.

Ternio has worked on major features such as instant virtual card issuance, rate cuts of 90%, compatibility with the most popular companies such as Apple, Google and Samsung Pay. All this suggests that BlockCard will be one of the best current variants in this area.

At Ternio, we always want to push the idea of what’s possible in the cryptocurrency space while driving value for our ecosystem,

The new BlockCard rewards program is another iteration in that journey. This rewards program will surely raise some eyebrows inside the crypto community and is another step towards driving mass adoption of cryptocurrency to people on the sidelines.” said Ian Kane, co-founder at Ternio.

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