Coinbase as the main visa member

Coinbase as the main visa member
pic: Coinbase

Coinbase is the first crypto company to receive official Visa membership.

Today Coinbase announced that it is the first company to become a member of VISA in order to secure and simplify the work with crypto.
The first step was in 2019 when the Coinbase Card was introduced in the UK, Visa debit card allows customers to spend a crypto as easily as money in their bank account.
9 months later, this card is available in 29 markets and customers can pay with their crypto in more than a million stores.

Following the success of Coinbase Card, we are proud to be the first company in the crypto ecosystem to be granted Visa principal membership. This membership will enable us to offer more features for Coinbase Card customers; from additional services to support in more markets — all elements that will help to evolve and enrich the cryptocurrency payment experience.“written in coinbase blog

Today’s report is a big step in adapting cryptocurrencies to real life.



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