Sweden plans to digitize its currency (E-KRONA)

Sweden plans to digitize its currency (E-KRONA)

Even in a country like Sweden, they are aware that the use of classic banknotes in society is declining.

Riksbank initiated a pilot project aimed at developing a project for the technical solution of the Swedish krona in electronic form.

In 2017, the Riksbank began a detailed survey to monitor the use of cash versus digital forms.
This would give the public access to digital form and the state would guarantee its value.

Riksbank is in cooperation with Accenture for a technical solution for an e-krona.

The e-krona project has produced two reports, in which you read about their analysis and conclusions so far:

Sweden matters on the needs of the company and has therefore submitted to the Swedish Parliament a proposal that the expert group should review the needs of the e-krona.

Source: Riksbank


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