ErisX exchange is the first to trade with Ether Futures Contracts

ErisX exchange is the first to trade with Ether Futures Contracts

Futures exchange ErisX based in U.S., presents the first official trading of Ether Futures Contracts. We learned about this yesterday when ErisX published a report entitled “ErisX Pioneers First U.S. Based Ether Futures Contract.

From now, all investors have access to physically delivered futures contracts based on ETH-USD, with monthly or quarterly expirations.

The ErisX futures exchange trades alongside the ErisX spot market on a unified and innovative platform enabling price transparency and collateral efficiencies.” writes ErisX

The company is of the opinion that it is transparent and regulated financial markets that are the main and crucial infrastructure that enables price collection, risk transfer and hedging opportunities.

ErisX also stated: “We are proud to bring this infrastructure to the benefit of the Ethereum network and look forward to seeing the market for ETH benefit from these risk management tools.

About ErisX
ErisX is a unified platform for cryptocurrency spot and regulated futures trading and investing. The infrastructure has been designed to comply with the law and to protect investors from market manipulation or fraud.
Based in the US, it provides market price pricing, liquidity and collateral efficiency under licensing and regulatory oversight as follows:

  • Futures market regulated under the jurisdiction of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
  • Spot market licensed in accordance with state and federal licensing requirements
  • Voluntarily application of CFTC core principles in its own spot market

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