In 2020, investors earned more with ETH than with BTC

In 2020, investors earned more with ETH than with BTC
If you invested in Ethereum in 2020, you valued your deposit better than with Bitcoin.

Despite the global outbreak of COVID-19, which was behind the March slump in all financial markets, 2020 was the best year for cryptocurrencies to date.

Even though only Bitcoin was mostly talked about, it is probably not surprising that Ethereum achieved significantly better results than BTC.

To compare the results, we borrowed a chart this time, which is part of a report from Coinbase called “2020 in Review”.

ETH vs other assets – 2020

As you can see, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization overtook all popular assets when it managed to increase in value by up to 487%. Compared to Bitcoin, which reported 321%, therefore, investors who bet on Ethereum valued their investment even more, namely by + 166%.

Ethereum ended 2020 at $ 745, but its growth is far from over. ETH in less than three weeks, specifically on January 19, reached $ 1440 (Coinbase) and increased its value by another +93%.

ETH is currently trading at $ 1350.

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