Up to 83% of known altcoins from 2018 melt in 90% minus compared to ATH

Up to 83% of known altcoins from 2018 melt in 90% minus compared to ATH
Although there is currently a strong inflow of investment in cryptocurrency markets, the vast majority of altcoins is not affected.

If you belong to the category of traders that was already here during the first bull run, you will certainly remember the countless altcoins that tried to follow this wave.

Only time has shown which of these projects were able to fulfill what they promised and found real application.

The sad news is that up to 83% of these altcoins have failed to do this, and compared to their ATH, which they reached in 2018, they are in heavy minus to date, averaging -90%.

On the other hand, apart from the losses of investors, it also has its positives, because the cryptocurrency market has got rid of many fraudulent or non-functioning crypto projects.

These statistics were published by analyst Matt Casto, who worked with data from Messari.

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