A Russian court overturned a decision to block Binance

A Russian court overturned a decision to block Binance
The most popular cryptocurrency exchange can operate fully in the Russian Federation once again.
Cryptocurrency trading at Binance.

On September 25, 2020, Russia listed the Binance crypto exchange on the Blacklist of banned domains, but after less than four months, the court overturned this decision.

This decision to block the Binance website was overturned by the Regional Court in Arkhangelsk, 20 January 2021, informs Kommersant.

The partner of the law firm Digital Rights Center, Mikhail Bautin, who represented Binance in court, also commented on the situation. M. Bautin is convinced that the fact that Binance was not informed about the initiation of the proceedings in good time is a coarse procedural breach. As a result, they inadvertently missed the deadline and had to lodge the necessary appeals.

As a result, the prosecutor’s office was forced to waive its claims.

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