Grayscale CEO says investor demand has never been higher and introduces 5 new altcoin trusts

The world’s largest digital asset manager announces new investment products for BAT, LINK, MANA, FIL and LPT.

Grayscale CEO says investor demand has never been higher and introduces 5 new altcoin trusts

Grayscale Investments, which according to the latest information has a total crypto AUM worth $ 42.9 billion, announced today the launch of five new digital currency investment trusts.

A leader in digital currency investing states in an official report that the new offer reflects the growing global demand for digital currency investment products and is therefore expanding its portfolio.

By this step, Grayscale increases its total number of investment crypto products to 14 and adds to the original investment trusts follows:

  • Grayscale® Basic Attention Token Trust
  • Grayscale® Chainlink Trust
  • Grayscale® Decentraland Trust
  • Grayscale® Filecoin Trust
  • Grayscale® Livepeer Trust

Digital currencies have reached an inflection point. Investor demand has never been higher, and every day we’re seeing new entrants to what has surely become a bona fide asset class,

Grayscale has long been the leader in creating novel pathways for investors to access the opportunities that digital currencies may offer, and this announcement carries on that tradition. We look forward to working with our global investor base, our growing team, and regulators to continue to move this industry forward.

Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein

The price of the mentioned altcoins, which took off in the case of LPT by up to 160%, BAT 40%, also reacted immediately to this announcement. In this case, however, it is not surprising, because Grayscale has long confirmed the reputation of the largest crypto-investment company.

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