In the last 7 days, altcoins have seen strong awakening such as SFI increase of 720%, ZLOT 305%, KP3R 157%

In the last 7 days, altcoins have seen strong awakening such as SFI increase of 720%, ZLOT 305%, KP3R 157%
The volatility of some altcoins has been extremely high over the last week, but in this case it has been a positive change.

Crypto markets are not just about Bitcoin, and sometimes it is the lesser-known altcoins that surprise with several times higher growth than the most popular cryptocurrencies.

So let’s look at the TOP10 gainers of the last week:

The first three places were occupied by cryptocurrencies, which are hot newcomers and, according to the CMC, have been in circulation for less than a month.

The first place was taken by a project called Saffron, which, according to CMC, has only been in circulation since 14 November. SFI has had an incredible ride and an enormous increase of 720%.

  • Saffron is an asset collateralization platform where liquidity providers have access to dynamic exposure by selecting customized risk and return profiles.

Second place and also a very respectable performance were recorded by analysts from COIN98 on ZLOT, which increased by 305% and according to CMC has been in circulation since November 6.

  • ZLOT Finance is the first staking protocol built upon Hegic.

The third place belongs to Keep3rV1, which has grown by 157% and has been in circulation since October 28.

  • Keep3rV1 is a decentralized platform designed to facilitate the coordination between projects that need to source outside development operations and those who can provide those required services.

Hedget, which we recently reviewed, can also boast a very decent performance. Hedget increased by 124%.

In the table we can also see altcoins as FOAM with 117% increase, BIS with 116%, BZRX with 96%, NOIA with 95%, YFDAI with 88% or ALPHA with 84%.

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