Ethereum records the outflow of whales

Ethereum records the outflow of whales
The second most popular cryptocurrency records a 3-year low in the number of addresses holding 1K+ ETHs.

We have only recently written about the fact that Bitcoin whales, which own more than 1K BTCs, are rapidly increasing their numbers in 2021. 

However, this scenario does not apply to Ethereum, which reports a 3-year low of addresses holding more than 1K ETHs.

As you can see in the graph, there is obviously a big mismatch between the maximum value held at the addresses and the number of these addresses. Although the max. number of ETHs at addresses is growing, the number of addresses that own more than 1K ETHs is falling sharply.

Only externally owned addresses (EOAs) are recorded in the graph, contracts are excluded.

Ethereum reached a maximum price of $ 1,430 (CMC) this week and lacked little to beat the previous January 13, 2018 ATH of $ 1,432 (CMC). ETH is currently trading around $ 1,200.

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