Iran: Green for cryptocurrency mining vs Ban on crypto transactions in the country

According to the latest draft law, Iran supports the mining of cryptocurrencies, but the transactions themselves are prohibited.

Iran: Green for cryptocurrency mining vs Ban on crypto transactions in the country

After details leaked from the Iranian parliament about a draft law to regulate cryptocurrencies, unclear feelings prevail in society.

The fact that the Iranian lawmakers prepared a new bill for the crypto industry was informed by the leading news agency in Iran, which stated that in addition to the new regulations, it also includes plans for the development of the national cryptocurrency.

This law focuses mainly on two main aspects, namely the support of cryptocurrency mining and organizing the domestic market for exchanges. Information from the law says that the main regulator will be the Central Bank of Iran, which will mainly regulate the exchange of cryptocurrencies within the country and thus organize the domestic market of cryptocurrencies.

But what is most surprising is the country's negative attitude towards the use of cryptocurrencies in the country. The proposed law prohibits any use of cryptocurrencies in Iran or for a domestic transaction system with the exception of the forthcoming national cryptocurrency.

In this case, we are witnessing considerable contrasts in the draft law, where on the one hand there are miners who are supported after obtaining a license, but on the other we have discrimination against those who are interested in using cryptocurrencies for payments.

With the support of mining centers, Iran is really serious about this, as evidenced also by recent reports that the Iranian authorities have issued up to 30 new official licenses for these centers.

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