Iran has issued up to 30 licenses for crypto mining farms

The Iranian ministry has again decided to support crypto mining centers, which will go through a state verification process.

Iran has issued up to 30 licenses for crypto mining farms

Earlier this week, we informed you that the Iranian police had carried out the largest crackdown so far against an illegal crypto mining farm. Police confiscated 7,000 mining machines in an abandoned factory in the west of the capital.

However, the country's attitude towards cryptocurrency mining is not only negative, according to the latest information, the Iranian authorities have issued up to 30 official licenses for cryptocurrency mining centers.

These steps were reported by the Iranian Financial Tribune, reproduced by the daily Bitcoin, which also specified where the mining centers are most located.

As many as a third of legal and licensed mining farms are located in two popular provinces, Semnan and Alborz. The province of Semnan is going to be home to the largest number, namely 6 crypto farms, in Alborz there are four licensed farms.

Other provinces include Mazandaran, East Azerbaijan, and Zanjan provinces.

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