Iran has licensed for the first time a BTC mining farm with 6,000 machines

Iran has licensed for the first time a BTC mining farm with 6,000 machines

Afrand Sheid Mehr, which owns the iMiner brand, has officially become the first company to enter the Iranian market, where it recently obtained a license. The company’s fixed capital under the license is IRR 311,000 million, which is USD 7.4 million, and the value of the equipment alone is stated as IRR 300,000 million (USD 7.2 million).

iMiner will deploy 6,000 mining machines on its farm in Iran and will operate at 96,000 TH/s.

IMiner experts configure and install mining machines according to the special requirements of clients, who are then paid all the income. In addition to mining, Iminer also sells mining equipment, which it imports directly from China, and claims to have the lowest market prices.

License for iMiner 

About Afrand Sheid More Malik (iMiner)
The company has been registered in the Commercial Register since 1988 and was one of the first which enabled mining BTC and other digital currencies in Turkey. Iminer has a 7-year history and already operates in Europe, Russia and Turkey. Currently, the service is used by more than 135,000 users.

Source: Tabnak


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