Kyrgyzstan and fair elections can only be saved by Blockchain, says the acting president

Kyrgyzstan and fair elections can only be saved by Blockchain, says the acting president
Sadyr Japarov, Acting President, wants to fight unrest and revolution with Blockchain, which will ensure fair elections.

The situation in Kyrgyzstan is still turbulent, mainly due to the parliamentary elections and their outcome which took place on 4 October. People went to the streets, protested and even pushed the central election committee to cancel the election results. As a result, Kyrgyzstan fell into a strong political crisis, which was reflected in the resignation of the Speaker of Parliament.

The acting president must therefore look for solutions, and in today’s interview for Al-Jazeera TV he commented on how he wants to ensure that the presidential and parliamentary elections are finally fair.

We have had three revolutions because of unfair elections. If this continues, the unrest and the revolutions will continue. From now on, everything will be fair. I consulted with the Central Election Commission and offered them to introduce the blockchain technology. This system can be implemented in 3-6 months,

Sadyr Japarov

Elections will be fair when the head of state will order it. We have no intention to conduct unfair elections using bribery. All those who try to do so will be detained. The laws allow to imprison one for vote buying and selling for 2.5 years,

Sadyr Japarov

Sadyr Japarov became the president after the resignation of Sooronbay Jeenbekov, and for the first time in history, he also served as president and prime minister.

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