Bitcoin stays for 85 days over $ 10k, the average one is 27.7 days

Bitcoin stays for 85 days over $ 10k, the average one is 27.7 days
So far 2020 is the best year  in terms of how long Bitcoin has managed to keep the price above $ 10k.

Bitcoin beated $ 10k for the first time in 2017, and since then this price range has become a bullish indicator and an important psychological level. 2017 is still the best year in terms of the highest BTC price, but 2020 has already outpaced it in some way and is more successful.

According to an analysis prepared by Coin98 Analytics, we are already on the 85th day above the $ 10k price in 2020, which has not been achieved in any other year.

As you can see in the picture above, until recently, the most successful year was 2017 with a score of 61 days, but since Bitcoin has almost consistently held above $ 10k since July 27 this year, we are witnessing the most powerful year so far in 2020.

As for how many days, on average Bitcoin remained above this level, it is 27.7 days. 

Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 11,700 and it seems that under the influence of positive news and good mood, it could further raise the price and stay above $ 10k for more than 100 days this year.

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