Loans from, Launched Today

Loans from, Launched Today


Starting today, you can borrow USD against your crypto, directly from your non-custodial Wallet, for the first time ever. Users can now borrow USD Digital stablecoins against their Bitcoin, with support for Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Stellar coming soon.said

Already in November introduced OTC loan, which is in partnership with institutional clients from around the world.
The company claims that the loans amount to several hundred million dollars.

Just as we were excited to expand the markets’ options for high-quality lending partners for institutions, today’s launch answers your demand for a reliable, trustworthy venue to borrow against your crypto hodlings. This means you can increase your buying power, seize that big trading opportunity, or finance your next purchase, without selling the crypto you’ve stockpiled over the years.” said

All this can be done through your wallet, settings, conditions and receipt of your funds, this everything takes only a few minutes.


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