Bittrex Global Announces New Mobile App, and Credit / Debit Card support

Bittrex Global Announces New Mobile App, and Credit / Debit Card support


(9.3.2020 Liechtenstein, JCN Newswire) Bittrex Global announces new capabilities and product functions.
Bittrex has decided to support credit cards and direct orders via mobile devices, as well as a new referral program where customers can benefit and receive discounts.

The company has prepared for us a new mobile platform that will facilitate daily use and trading.
With credit card support, customers can purchase digital assets through their credit or debit cards in direct compatibility with both the mobile and web versions.
Among the first customers to use this service will be countries such as the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands, and then it will be introduced internationally.

We are continually working on ways to provide a better experience for users,
An enhanced mobile trading experience is one of our top priorities and creating this new credit card gateway is an important way of lowering the barriers to digital asset trading for new and existing customers alike. These features are the first of many we have planned that will underline Bittrex Global’s ambition to provide the best and most secure platform for digital trading.” said Stephen Stonberg, CEO of Bittrex Global.


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