NFTs Making Their Way into Couture Fashion

Australia’s Fashion Week and BTC Markets are proud to present the first Couture NFT.

NFTs Making Their Way into Couture Fashion

An unconventional collaboration has taken place between a cryptocurrency exchange, a fashion designer, and the Australia Fashion Week event. Australian crypto exchange BTC Markets Pty Ltd has joined forces with local designer Daniel Avakian to bring about the first couture NFT.

A dress set to premiere during the Australian Fashion Week will be available to purchase both as an actual piece and an NFT, as BTC Markets has confirmed its partnering with AFW in a recent tweet.

BTC Markets CEO Caroline Bowler sees this event as an opportunity to reach out to women in crypto who also have interests in fashion:

“With crypto being traditionally male-dominated both on the industry and investor side, we understood that as a crypto company led by a female CEO and COO, we had to break new ground, and [AFW] offered us the right opportunity to do so,” she says.

Several recent studies have shown that women have been showing interest in the crypto industry just as much as men, and the number has been growing. Nevertheless, events like these further prove crypto’s versatility in a variety of uses.

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