New Chatbot by Meta Says the Company 'Exploits People'

Meta's new chatbot says that Mark Zuckerberg is not helping anyone and is just trying to make money.

New Chatbot by Meta Says the Company 'Exploits People'

Meta has released a prototype of their new chatbot. They say it can chat on "nearly any topic" using artificial intelligence. The chatbot is called BlenderBot 3 and studies large amounts of data to be able to chat.

As confirmed by BBC News, the chatbot was asked about Mark Zuckerberg and replied:

"He did a terrible job at testifying before congress. It makes me concerned about our country [...] Our country is divided and he didn't help that at all [...] His company exploits people for money and he doesn't care. It needs to stop!"

Meta owns companies such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It has been judged for spreading wrong information and not preventing foul language on its platforms. With the AI for the chatbot learning from other people, this could result in the chatbot becoming offensive.

Meta said they risked bad publicity by making the chatbot available for people because it needs data, saying: "Allowing an AI system to interact with people in the real world leads to longer, more diverse conversations, as well as more varied feedback."

The new chatbot could present a problem but Meta has assured the general public that they will install a safeguard to lessen the offensive language. However, some concerns still prevail and only time will tell how intelligent or rude the bot might become.

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